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Andi Graves

I'll be honest, I know nothing about flowers. I think that was one of the first things I said to Courtney when we met, about a year before my wedding this past August. We talked for a half hour about what I liked, and she suggested flowers and arrangements that sounded beautiful, and was so flexible to stay within my budget.

This past August, I was finally able to see her amazing creations for my wedding. OH MY GOD. To be honest, before I met Courtney I wasn't even sure I wanted real flowers for my wedding. I am so thankful I met her, because the flowers Courtney designed were one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. The bouquets and pins she put together (as well as all of the other flowers and decorations!) were so beautiful that my jaw literally dropped when I saw them. I couldn't believe it was MY bouquet, and not a picture on pinterest. It made my wedding day so special and so beautiful.

So, future brides, leave your flowers up to the professional, Courtney. I promise you are in good hands. I don't think our flowers could have been any more beautiful and perfect for our day, and I truly have Courtney to thank for that -- as she heard my confused wedding babble and turned it into what i wanted and then some. I am still speechless when I think of the bouquet.

Courtney - words can't express how thankful I am for you and Flowers Forever Design.


Ian and Josie Frazier

These flowers were so unique and gorgeous! I will never go anywhere else but to Courtney and her husband. Our centerpieces were designed by her after we gave her a foggy idea of what our daughter wanted. The work surpassed all of our expectations as parents of the bride. Courtney is attentive and works great with everyone on the wedding team!! Thanks for a beautiful night!


Barb Arnold

The flower displays Courtney created for my daughter's wedding were spectacular. They exceeded our expectations. The alter, head table, center pieces and accent decorations were exceptional!